The Importance of a House Inspection During the Buying Process | Trusted American Mortgage

The housing market has been tumultuous to say the least over the last few years, and it can be really frustrating being in the market to buy right now. You may be seeing all of these great houses come onto your favorite seller’s website, fall in love with the layout or location, but only to have it disappear from the site a day later with multiple offers on it.

Losing out on house after house can be disheartening, and you may start thinking about different ways to help make your offer more attractive to sellers. Many people have been forgoing inspections to make their offer stand out.

While that may seem like an easy way for a seller to choose your offer, you really shouldn’t buy a house that hasn’t been professionally inspected.

What Is a Home Inspection?

Traditionally, home offers are submitted contingent on an inspection. This means that a professional inspector will come to the house to check the entire property for any structural issues or defects.

If anything is found to be wrong with the property, the buyer is now in a position to either renegotiate the offer, request repairs or changes to be made, or back out of the agreement completely.

What Do Home Inspectors Look For?

Professional inspectors will go from top to bottom of your potential new home and will look for anything that could be a danger or hazard to your family. They will check things like your foundation for cracks or mildew, look at the walls and roof for signs of disrepair and give your utility room a once-over to check for any wiring issues or necessary maintenance.

They are also going to be looking for signs of health hazards. Asbestos, radon, lead-based paint, mold or even the presence of termites or cockroaches can quickly alert an inspector to a problem with the home that needs to be addressed.

Can I Skip the Inspection?

You certainly could, but skipping an inspection opens you up to all kinds of risks. With an investment this big, you don’t want to be taking any chances. If your inspection identifies structural issues or safety hazards, you can ensure they are fixed before you move in.

An inspection can also save you from making a bad investment. Houses that are really old or houses that have been flipped can come with some serious considerations, so having someone with a trained eye can help make sure you are putting your money into a good place.

An inspection can also help you pay less for your house! If your offer was accepted contingent on an inspection, you can use anything off of the inspection report as leverage to lower the asking price. You can save thousands of dollars, just by investing in a good inspection.

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