When they’re done signing for a mortgage many people feel they’ve put their names on most of the paper in the immediate area and it’s true, there’s plenty of paperwork in the process. Included in that is the documentation you’ll need to provide as part of the process. If you’re thinking of buying a home soon and want to give yourself a head start, you may want to start tracking down and collecting all those documents. Read on →

With mortgage rates at historic lows, this may be the best time ever to get into the real estate market. If you’ve set a goal of finding that home of your dreams in 2021, we have some suggestions of other aspirations you may want to set for the year. In these suggestions, you’ll find a good amount of homework and some explanation for why you should start saving now for that down payment, if you aren’t already. Read on →

You likely know your credit report, which documents your credit history and gives an overall rating of your ability to handle debt, is an important part of the mortgage application process. If you’re wondering how you can keep an eye on this important report, we have good news: It’s easier than ever right now! In normal times, you can get a free copy of your credit report once per year thanks to the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Read on →

Winter may be the perfect time for you to sell your home. There are typically fewer homeowners looking to sell, which could open the door to your place selling faster than it would in a time when there’s a lot of stock on the market. It could also present an opportunity to push motivated buyers to pay a little more than they would otherwise. It’s important to recognize part of the reason fewer people look to sell in winter is because spring often provides a more-favorable market and the farther into winter it gets, the harder it may be to sell. Read on →

Short sales were a common part of the real estate landscape a decade ago as the number of properties in distress following the financial crisis that began in 2008 skyrocketed. Thankfully, the market settled down and short sales are rare now, but they’re still out there, which can be good news for buyers. What Is a Short Sale? Short sales are an agreement between the lender and the property owner that allows for the property to be sold for less than the remaining loan. Read on →

For those who haven’t watched HGTV or visited an open house lately, staging is a bit of home-seller marketing that involves dressing your place up before potential buyers look around. The intention is to put the best face on the place to help convince people to buy. Part of staging is making the house feel livable so potential buyers can imagine building their lives in it, while the other part is just making the house look nice and maybe high-end to help ensure you get the best offer for the property. Read on →

If you pay attention to internet or satellite radio ads, you may think mortgage rates are perpetually at or at least near all-time lows. They promise at any given moment you can purchase a home or refinance an existing loan for less than ever possible before. The truth is rates really are at historic lows right now and there’s a lot of good stock on the housing market. But what does that mean, and how do you know when it’s really true? Read on →

In urban areas, homes with wells are virtually unheard of, but in some rural parts of the country they’re more common than those on municipal or public supplies. According to the EPA, an estimated 13 million U.S. homes rely on a well, which is roughly 10% of the total. So, home buyers outside cities may run into some properties drawing water out of the ground, rather than a main. If you find yourself in that situation, here are some questions you might want to ask to ensure you have the whole picture before you make the purchase. Read on →

If you’ve ever purchased or sold a home, you are probably familiar with the terms “buyer’s market” and “seller’s market.” But have you ever stopped to consider what those phrases actually mean? Our team at Trusted American Mortgage wants to take a few minutes to break it down for you. Read on as we share some insight. Buyer’s Market vs. Seller’s Market It’s probably fairly common sense to know that the two phrases mean one market is beneficial for home buyers and one is beneficial for home sellers. Read on →

With unemployment claims at record levels in March and April as a result of the coronavirus-triggered economic slowdown, searches for “mortgage relief” also hit all-time highs, according to Google Trends data. Fortunately for those struggling to make payments, federal regulators ordered lenders to offer flexibility to more than half of all borrowers. The mandate gives those who have lost their incomes the opportunity to petition their lenders to reduce or completely pause payments for as long as 12 months. Read on →